Original Golde Ragtop Clip

Picked up a full mechanism for 50(!), handle with bezel for 40 and the clip for another 100 - bargain...! Should be installed in May ready for the shows in the short British Summer... A set of stainless steel towel rail bumpers have also arrived - no rust there...

GRP Wings

Four glass reinforced plastic wings. Got these from Day Mouldings; they are the best quality GRP body panels you can get for old VWs in the UK, approx 5mm thick and only 150 for the four! The front have the headlamp fixing bolts embedded under the bowl and all the cut outs are in place ready for the lights, indicators and bumper mounts. If you would like the contact details use the contact us link and I'll happily forward the company details.

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US Spec Head Lamps, Tail Lamps and Carello Driving Lamps

Clear lens headlamps with halogen semi sealed units to see where we are going.

Gertie's original chrome rims to replace the new ones.

A pair of repro tail lamps. 

NOS Carello Driving Lamp (& spare)

Britax Ragtop Sunroof, US Spec Bumpers & Interior

First job will to get a hole in Gertie's roof to get it installed. Whilst Gertie is being restored we'll get it recovered in grey vinyl to match the grey wing beading and those elusive running board covers that I haven't found yet.

Good quality US Spec bumpers are very hard to find, but luckily a pair appeared on Ebay which the seller agreed to sell me without bidding... They are nickel plated, triple chromed and clear coated with rust proof paint on the insides.

The TMI Original Equipment Smooth vinyl seat covers, door and side panels and seat pads arrived 17th August, grey with off white inserts & piping. The TMI grey mohair headliner arrived today along with the rear view mirror, seals, speedo cable and bumper irons..

NOS On-Wing Indicators

These date back to the early 1960's and should last a few years; to Herbie-ise them I found a pair of NOS Hella clear lens at a local VW Show.

The radio I found on the Samba, it's an original 1965 Sapphire 1 radio.

Original VW wiper arms.

Plate Lamp & Jokon Third Brake Lamp

Standard 1963 plate lamp with a rare brake lamp that clamps to the underside of the housing to ensure we get seen.




(catalogue picture)

(catalogue picture)


A replacement speedo with similar mileage, cable on the way.

 New grey interior dash handle, grey gear-knob with shift pattern and cigarette lighter /12v power socket. Hella Horn for that classic Beep Beep.

All new OEM seals, Hella stamped, for the lights, cables, windows, doors and front side windows with grooves where necessary for chrome trim.

Link Pin  Front Axle

Left hand drive beam but that will be changed to RHD during installation; includes all parts right down to the stub axle...

(catalogue picture)

Automotive Graphics(!)

How could Gertie aspire to be in as good shape as Herbie without his trademark stripes and gumballs.

Now all I have to do is convince Chris he wants them too...

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